Last Film(s) You Saw
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The Last Boy Scout (1991) AKA DIE HARD 2.5
^That can't be real. I never heard of this. No one ever talked about this. Damon Wayans? In a serious action movie? Is this a joke?
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Godzilla Final Wars (Matrix meets Independence Day)
Godzilla Tokyo SOS
Godzilla vs Mothra
Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (boring)

Besides the American film made in '98, I've never seen a Godzilla film before. I always thought it would be boring and cheesy. But however, these films are not that bad if you're interested in that film's story. I guess because it's dated, I don't feel like the action is the backbone which is really the reason I think to watch Godzilla films.

As much as I've seen, the premise seems kind of the same.
Something wakes up Godzilla's slumber and it becomes cranky and just destroys shit.
Some how it's lead from the ocean to a city and Godzilla must die before the entire city is destroyed.
There's always a situation where Godzilla is distracted by something else, like another creature, which is eviler, and it's agreed that the new thing must die instead. Then Godzilla is happy and leaves the now fucked up city alone and goes back to the ocean to sleep.
Oh yeah, and some Japanese character always wants to sacrifice themselves in the film, I wonder if that is a running thing.

So yeah, if you want to make a Godzilla film, there's your formula.

I like how the films also mindfuck you. As if you're not really supposed to root for Godzilla because he's fucking up humans. Then comes the real evil creature and it's like "Yeah, Godzilla! Beat its ass!". And there's a few occasions where we are told that it's our fault that this shit is happening because us humans keep fucking with Earth. Like, Earth even has it's own creature protector name Mothra. And when Earth is in major danger, some form of matter, it makes its appearance to communicate with humans and say "Yo, stop this shit or you're fucked." using twin fairy Asian chicks.

I dunno, but I'm interested in watching more. I know it's going to hurt to watch the very first early films. Because the films I've watched, the network aired them ass backwards.
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A Serbian Film
Watched it with a friend.
...never show this movie to a family man, it may fucked them up for life.
My friend was so fucked up by that film that we immediately watched another for eye bleach.

It's a fucked up horror movie. If you are any bit of interested in watching it, do not read what it is about, just go in it blind. Preferably alone or a friend you can trust and no one else around you.

Vaultboy Panic

I blame this on Ghenry, btw.

Assassin's Creed
Didn't finish it...had to go home.
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Watched the Lord of the Rings extended trilogy over the weekend. last time I watched them was a back to back marathon with my ex in 2010. since then I was a bit burned out of the series.
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Spider-Man 2
The Dark Tower
Watched the whole SAW franchise.

I've seen the first movie too much so I just skipped to SAW II.

I personally didn't like it. I can't explain it without spoilers, but I just didn't like that concept.

SAW III was alright, but it helps because I didn't like the previous film.

I really liked SAW IV, I like the concept of Jigsaw trying to make a person see what he sees about society.

SAW V was terrible. An omen was seeing Meagan Good in it. Nothing against her, but me personally, I don't know a single actor/actress in the SAW franchise, so to see an actress that I am familiar with, I already knew they wasn't going to hire her just kill her off immediately. The real reason why I dislike the movie is because it was too much story. I liked the concept of the people going through the traps and what Jigsaw wants them to do, it was like SAW II but better. The thing is, there will be a trap segment, then it goes back to story story story, then it picks up where the trap segment left off and into another trap segment, then back to story story story story. And if I recall correctly, side story A and side story B (traps) had shit nothing to do with each other.

SAW VI felt like SAW III, not in a bad way, just the fact that it has to do with a character going through a series of traps and get to the end.

And then there's SAW VII, aka SAW 3D aka The Final Chapter.
Production quality is ass.
The acting is ass.
The traps were good...
The highlight for me was the Merry Go Round trap. That shit was intense.

And coincidentally enough, I later found out that there's another SAW film releasing this month.
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