(01-12-2017, 03:29 PM)WeaponTheory Wrote: ....I know I'm late to point this out ,but this must be said. Even my friend noticed it.

Jontron's eyebrows. RIP

lol wtf happened to them?
As the prophecy foretold.
Probably a deal with the devil. His weight loss for his eyebrows.
[Image: Si0t2r5.png]
Or now that he's rich he had the money to get surgery and loose the weight? Or went on that Jonah hill diet. But his eyebrows doe /r/awfuleyebrows
"Your father did not become Hokage to be acknowledged by the village. It is because he was acknowledge by the village, that he became Hokage"
Damn it Jontron, it's February. Where's a video!? Tell your eyebrows to grow back faster!
[Image: Si0t2r5.png]

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