Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite


Meh, if there roster is anything like 2 was....nvm most of it will be DLC.
What the fuck to say first?

Seeing how the Marvel side is pretty much a representation of the Marvel films, it's evident that the game is focused on Marvel, and good God how evident that is.
The Marvel roster looks pretty fresh and unique, while still missing some characters that should be in the game. *cough* Spider-Man *cough*
But comparing that to the Capcom roster, Capcom's side looks like a fucking joke.
If the leaked roster list is true, then Capcom really dropped the fucking ball to the point that they shouldn't even had bother making a "Vs Capcom". They should've just instead made a game similar to the likes of "X-Men Children of the Atom". Just Marvel characters fighting.

Jedah from Darkstalkers. It's nice to see another and different character from that series, but just him!?
Swap out Morrigan for once with Lilith.
No Donovan? Where's my B.B. Hood!? Raptor!?

- Firebrand? Arthur? Who really gives a fuck?

- Frank West? Not Chuck Green? Or Nick Ramos?

- While I like Chris Redfield, but holy fuck, change his costume.
Leon Kennedy is supposed to be in it, so that's cool.
Nemesis, fucking why!?

- Trish, who was my main in the previous game is cut out, fuck them for that.
I know it's an unpopular opinion, but they should've put in Donte in this game instead of Dante.

- They had the right idea of adding C.Viper in the previous game, which was around the time of Street Fighter IV's hype.
So why not repeat that and put in a SFV character in?

Simply, make the Capcom roster look fresh, give it the same treatment as Marvel.

Speaking of looks. Good fucking God, the characters look terrible in the game. Captain America is too bulky. Chun-Li looks like a baby. Dante looks like he's on drugs. How the fuck is that possible when they were able to pull off good visuals for Street Fighter V, using the same fucking engine, right?
I swear the fuck this game was outsourced.

Gameplay. I'm hoping the gameplay improves in the final build, but so far, it feels slow to me, and doing combos doesn't feel engaging. Although I'm glad they've brought back the HP LP HK LK setup.

Also, I'm on board with the people that are upset that Black Panther is fuckin' DLC, and not part of the standard roster, that's seriously bullshit. He was in a film! Unlike Captain Marvel. Why the fuck does she get a pass but not Black Panther!?

Speaking of DLC. So there's rumor that there are no X-Men characters in the game, due to Marvel not owning the rights or some shit.
But however, they might be DLC.

If Wolverine doesn't make the cut at all, best believe that Black Panther's gameplay is most likely a Wolverine clone.
[Image: Si0t2r5.png]
More rumor roster shit

X-Men vs Street Fighter DLC Pack: Wolverine, Cyclops, Deadpool.
Fantastic Four vs Darkstalkers DLC Pack: Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Felicia and Talbain

[Image: Si0t2r5.png]

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