Power fuck your Nostalgia Rangers fam
That's Alpha 5!?!?!!? WTF?
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ok wow
SOMEONE'S been drinking! Look at that beer belly.

Will Richard Horvitz reprise the role?
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Fuckin....wow....I had no idea he did the voice of Alpha.

Anyway, Bill Hader is doing the voice because hurrdurr Star Wars I guess.
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I'm so glad this movie tanked.
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I thought this movie was pretty good
watched this on netflix as a 90's kid. i see what they were trying to do. but fuck. heh butt fuck.

also i was trying to finger who it was doing alpha 5 but i wasn't thinking bill hader to me it sounded like he was doing a wallace shawn impression (Inconceivable!)
(12-24-2017, 06:46 AM)Dustin_a31 Wrote: watched this on netflix as a 90's kid.

Please tell me where is the fountain of youth!
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