1. The title screen randomly switches from night to sunrise. Try playing it a few times to see them both. (Thanks to Darren Driver)
2. Scattered all throughout the "Return to Koopa Cemetery" scene are tombstones with the names of many of my forum members.  Are you on one?
3. In the "The Princess' Mission" scene, look for a piece of paper floating by. You'll have to pause the movie and zoom in to read what it says.

4. In the "Hidden Temple" scene, there are signs scattered throughout the desert. Again, zoom in to read them.
5. Donkey Kong and a Dr. Mario Virus are hidden in the columns of the "Hidden Temple" scene, after Mario slides down between the walls. (Right before he drops down there's some writing on the right side of the wall as well.)
6. In the "Final Battle" scene, right after Wart crashes through the window and gets stuck in the Vegetable Generator tube, pay attention to what's coming out of the left tube. (A tribute to my very  first VG flash) You will most likely have to freeze frame it to see the secret.
7. Zoom on the Dog in the finale scene, in Toad Village. It's Poochy, having some nice dreams about Yoshi's Island! Even his tail is wagging.
8. The mailboxes in Toad Village have some forum members names on them.
9. Arnie (from the flyer in the "Princess' Arrival" scene) has been found! Look for him as soon as you see Toad village. He fell down the well in the lower left of the village!
10. A new sign in the desert hints to where you will find the best secret of Rise 4. Can you find it?
11. The title screen features Beezos and Albatosses flying around in the background.

There may be be more Easter Eggs, can you find them?




(As ridiculous as some of these sound, I have been asked all these questions in emails)

Remember the whole ordeal with the Princess going through the trouble to get the 1-Up mushroom? Yup the 1-Up brought Luigi back to life. Why didn't I make a scene where Luigi is resurrected by the Princess you're about to ask?  I started it. but decided to just cut it out.  I felt the element of surprise just worked better. True, I could have shown a quick flashback showing the princess reviving him, but the movie was getting too big and I was worried about the frame limit. (Explained a few questions down) If you would like to see what I started of Luigi's revival, (Click here for a quick sample of it)

2. Right before Wart blows up, why does it beep after Luigi says "oooooooooooooooh..." Well he's actually saying, "Oh Shit". But I had to censor it for the kiddies (Question from genius Kevin Nuut)

3. Why does Wart eat Mario's hat, then theres a glitch cause it's back on him again.
Watch Again, Mario uses his hat like a boomerang. Wart doesn't "eat" it. LOL.

4. How Long is ROTMK 4?
Not counting the extras to check out (Scene selection, etc.) the movie clocks in at about 10 and a half minutes, my longest movie yet. It is composed of over 16,000 frames. (Getting it to work right was a miracle since I've heard Flash MX only allows up to 16,000 frames!)

5. You left out tons of bosses and enemies! What gives!
I wish I could have put in Birdo, Fry Guy, etc. but I would never have finished the movie. Birdo does make an appearence on a sign in the desert though!

6. In the celebration scene, is that the baby Toad and his Tanooki (Teddy Bear in movie) from part 1!?
Yup, and making those sprites of the Tanooki flipping sure tested my spriting!

7.  Will ROTMK 4 be downloadable like the others? I don't want to always have to go to a site to watch it.
You can download it here.

8. Why did a black star appear on the wall when Mario fought those purple star guys.
Mario kicked the Ninji's ass so bad it flew into the background and bashed through the wall. Watch it frame by frame if you miss it.  Also, a shyguy
smacks into a wall as Mario is "Koopaboarding".

9. Did Mario give the "Rock On" sign with his hand after he beat the Crab guy (Clawgrip)?
Yes he did. Call it what you want, "bullhorns", "rock on", etc. I prefer to say "Rock Star!" ;)

10. Why does Mario's feet smoke when he goes underground in the desert?
His feet aren't smoking! It's dirty down there! That's dust you see.

11. The Final Fight was short and stupid. Why didn't you make it longer.
Well Mario fought Wart a few times during the movie, so think of it as one long fight.

12. What is that thing bouncing around after Wart gets stuck in the pipe.
His crown fell off...just a funny little touch I added.  In fact if you pay attention, Wart loses his crown quite often in the movie, but it always lands back on his head...usually when Mario is kicking his butt. Go watch and check it out again.

13. Crazy Yoshis are back! I love them!
Me too, can't go wrong with Rabid Yoshis!

14. OMG! I Saw an asteroid crashing into the Mushroom Kingdom! Are they all gonna die!??
Sorry to bust your bloodthirsty bubble, but that was just a shooting star I added for a dramatic effect for the ending. Similar to the one when Luigi beats Bowser in Part 2.

15. Where did you get all those Wart sprites from. He only has like one in the whole Super Mario 2 game.
Based off that one 3/4 view sprite of Wart, me and Paul ter Voorde of Krankzinnigstudio.com created a bunch about 30 custom Wart sprites. For example, Paul created the sprite of Warts back, while I made an warty, zitty, butt.  I created the front view of Wart, and Paul did the side view.  He was a big help in creating the custom sprites I need to make Wart come "alive".

16. What's with all the farting?
Well the main weakness for Wart in Mario 2 is how he can't stand eating vegetables.  So I came up with the idea he's a very gassy frog, especially when he eats them. He uses his farting to jump distances and move fast because he's so fat and big. Get the idea now?

17. And what's up with his ass hanging out the back of the cape?
In Mario 2 you never got to see what Wart looked like from behind, so I came up with the idea that he's a "horny toad" who likes to wear kinky clothes. (Bad Pun I know)

18. I dig all the little details. Can you name some I might have missed?
I'll say a few of my favorites. The light from the lamp shining on the pillar of the bell tower, the light from the window shining on the fence in Toad Village, Poochy's tail waggin as he dreams, The late Mushroom Retainer who makes it to his spot in the castle just in time for the celebration, the leaves that blow onto the ground, shuffle a little, then blow away again in the cemetery, Mario always losing his hat (a first in a VG parody), splashes of water from the pebbles mario makes fall into the water sliding down the walls, ok now I feel like I'm bragging. But I tried to put tons of cool little things in.

19. Why does Mario flash white before he jumps up to that wall?
This is another Super Mario 2 reference. In the game you could duck, and after two seconds you would flash. This would allow you to jump higher then normal.

20. If you look at "Subnomad Girl's" Tombstone (Princess' Mission scene, under the 1-UP) you'll see her grave has some lovely flowers, no doubt left by her boyfriend Robby Foor ;)

21. I heard there's an "extra" character that pops up from time to time in the TXMafia version of Rise 4. Is this true and what is it?
Watch the "Hidden Temple" scene and "???" (Finale) scene and pay close attention. Classic!

22. How come the Mushroom Retainers (Toads) and Yoshis don't show up until the end? Why didn't Mario bring them with him in Part 3?
After Luigi was murdered he just lost it, and without thinking all he could think of was revenge!

23. Why do Mario and Luigi have plungers in the flashback scene? I've never seen a plunger in a Mario game.
Before they were sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom via a secret pipe, the brothers were plumbers from Brooklyn. Just a small sprite I made for a flashback of their past.

23. Is the moon in the graveyard from Metroid? Also you made a mistake, the moon changes back and fourth from a full moon to a half moon.
The moon is from Super Castlevania 4. The full moon is seen in the Mushroom Kingdom, and the Half (crescent) moon is in Subcon...two totally different worlds with two different moons....right?

24. Why doesn't Mario get blood on his hands.
Oh please,  I like adding details, but that's pushing it buddy.

25. Wart has a Yasoi tongue.
I think you mean "Yoshi"..and yes he does. I took the tongue from Yoshi in "Yoshi's Island".

26. Will ROTMK 5 be out soon? I think Wario should be the new bad guy!
As of right now I have absolutly no plans to make another ROTMK. BUT...if I do decide to make one I'll tell you straight up Wario will not be in it. I hate that character, and think he is a horrible, annoying addition to the Mario Universe. Also keep in mind it would be very hard to make another sequel since I've basically used evey Mario song there is throughout the ROTMK series, and I wouldn't want to repeat them over in a new movie. Oh, and another thing to keep in mind if I decide to do ROTMK 5? BOWSER'S STILL ALIVE REMEMBER? ;) 

27. Wart can't be the culprit because he doesn't have Bullet Bills. They are Bowser's bad guys.
Truth is, he sent some Beezos on a mission to steal Bullet Bills from Bowser. Yup, that's it. Honestly,  when I first made ROTMK 1, I had no idea I would take it in the direction I did. I planned on it being Bowser the whole time. But when I realized how popular the series was becoming, I added the Wart scene in ROTMK 2 at the last minute so the series could continue.

28. Do you know you used Shyguys from Yoshi's Island and not Super Mario Bros. 2?
A shyguy is a shyguy. Besides, I like the shyguys from Yoshi's Island way better then the boring shyguys from SMB 2. You should have noticed I used graphics from as many Mario games as I could. For example, did you even notice the Mario sprite is from Super Mario World? Yet he's running around in graphics from Super Mario 2 allstars.....

29. Why does the Witch turn black when she goes over the moon in the graveyard.
That's not a witch, that's Kamek. Just another small detail I did that shows his silhouette fade in by the moonlight.

30. Why does the Scene Select music (theme from SMB 3 map screen) start playing on the movies title screen?
It's some Flash MX glitch that I have tried and tried to fix but gave up on. It only plays through one loop, so you won't hear it again after that...just ignore it! ;)

31. I know ROMTK 4 is just a sprite movie, but the level of detail is amazing! I'm just curious why you spend so much time on the small things. For example in the graveyard, I noticed the swinging lamp's light reflects on the pillar of the bell tower building. That is just so cool! I also enjoyed how you made the leaves so "lifelike", they were twitching on the the trees in the wind, and rustling on the ground and in the air. But don't you think you would get your movies done faster if you left out details nobody will notice anyway?
Well you noticed didn't you! Honestly I do these tiny details mostly for myself. I've always been a fan of small details in games.  One game that always stood out to me like that was Super Castlevania 4. That game was full of tiny details. I remember you could see out the window of the castle in the first level. There were horses way off in the background flicking their tails. And then later on in the "Treasury" level, if you jumped off a treasure chest, little gold coins would fling around.  I always notice little things like that, and am very happy people like you find them when I go the extra step to create them.

32. Who is Arnie?
Arnie is first seen on a flyer that blows by the screen when the Princess is about to grab the 1-Up mushroom. You can also see him in the bottom left corner when you first see Toad Village in the movie's ending. He's a "mentally challenged" mushroom retainer.  Recently, there has been a debate going on in the VGDC Forums as to who Arnie really is. Many fans are wondering if he is the same kid who fell off the vine in ROTMK 1... And was that kid the same one who put the Tanooki doll on Mario's coffin? Also, if Arnie is stuck in the well in Toad Village, then how is he at the celebration at the end of ROTMK 4 throwing up his Tanooki doll? Read the discription at the top of this page to find out Arnie's backstory, or just click here.

33. The explosions didn't sound realistic.
(Oh god I loved this one) So are you also saying you're upset that I used the sounds from the games? Like do you get mad when I use the sound from the game when Mario grows from a mushroom, instead of the sound from real life when you eat a mushroom and grow? (Heavy sarcasm my feeble minded friend)

34. Why did you spend so much time on ROTMK 4? And why did you keep pushing the date back when the movie wasn't even that long?
Truthfully,  your Mom was the reason it was delayed so much. :D