I'll answer questions and post some neat facts about the movie as I remember them.


1. What the hell is the movie all about?
Parts 1 and 2 were all a dream Luigi had of things to come, or a premonition.

n. 1. A presentiment of the future; a foreboding.
    2. A warning in advance; a forewarning.

The bullet bills that wake Luigi are the same ones that killed Mario in his dream. Luigi just had to stop them! Pay attention to his flash back sequence.  Bowser and the Koopas are all still alive because everything was a dream. Make sense now? I never planned on the ROTMK series to continue after 2, but so many people wanted it to continue I had had to come up with something. I also wanted to please the fans who wanted Mario back, so there ya go!

2. Why does Luigi pull up those vegetables before the clock?
Long time Mario fans should know that in SMB2 if you pull up five vegetables you get a clock that freezes time!

3. I heard there's an easter egg with Yoshi!
Yup, somewhere on the title screen!

4. What's gonna happen in part 4? When's it coming out????
Let's just say you'll be seeing alot more of SMB 2's characters. And another HUGE twist!
And hold your horses, I just busted my ass getting 3 out, and you know how long THAT took ;)

5. Why did Mario just take off without help?
Simple, cause he's a bad ass mofo.

6. Why is the movie so short?
Short?? It's longer then part 1 and more detailed then both 1 AND 2! I put so much time into the detail and animation that I just had to split the movie in two! I put my heart into this movie for old skook Mario fans! 

7. Who's the Rat?
Actually he's a sunglasses wearing mouse and his name is "Mouser" he was a boss in Super Mario Bros. 2 that you encountered twice in the game.

8. Why's Peach going to Bowser's castle.
uuuhhh she's just flying by? Yeh that's it. You'll have to wait til part 4!

9. Yey! This movie is like a small taste of Mack Daddy Mario 4! Will there be one?
Well I never knew there would be a ROTMK 3 so we'll see! Special thanks to Paul Ter Voorde (Krankzinnig Studios)  for helping make a few dance moves for Mario!

10. Why did they leave poor Luigi and his mangled corpse just lying there?
The slaves...er uh I mean Mushroom Retainers (Toads) carefully cleaned him and carried his remains to the castle. Watch the Princess Peach scene again as she leaves the castle on the flying Yoshi. (So I just added them recently who cares!)

11. Is this gonna be one of those dream within a dream within a dream bullshit stories?
Uh yeh actually....See Mario and Luigi are gonna wake up and realize that they really unclog shit out of pipe for a living....Mushroom Kingdom? Turtles that fly?  Mushrooms that make you grow? Mice with sunglasses??? It's either a bad acid trip of one f**cked up dream! I'm kidding... See my Yoshi's Island 2 movie for a funny little scenario about Mario's wacky world.

12. Why'd those masks kill the rat??
Once again, his name is Mouser and he's a mouse. Those masks are from Mario 2 and are called Phantos. In Mario 2 if you picked up a key with them around they would chase you til you dropped it. Seems Mouser was too wacked in the head from Mario kicking his ass to realize he knocked the key in his lap. And in true VGDC style you don't just lose a hit point... you lose your head!

13. Why is the flying Yoshi blue? Is there a flying Yoshi in the games?
Yes, if you feed a blue Yoshi in Super Mario World a shell he will sprout wings and fly.  I made him from Yoshi's Island sprites, and wings from a Koopa Paratroopa in Yoshi's Island.

14. Where is that whistle from?
It's from Super Mario Bros. 3  When you use it you can warp to a different level. I guess Peach uses it to call Yoshi's when she needs them now. :)
Two facts about the whistle. A: It is the same exact tune as the whistle in the Legend of Zelda. B: Gamers first found out how to secretly get it in a movie called "The Wizard" which came out in 1988 and starred the Wonder Year's Fred Savage. Damn I love Kevin Arnold!

15. Why did Mouser just sit there all confused and let the bomb blow him up?
Well if a fat italian plumber started shaking his ass to "Shake it like a Salt Shaker" in front of you, would you be all like "WTF" and "OMG" and uhhh. well you'd be surprised and not pay attention to that bomb you're holding right? And another thing kids, don't hold bombs they're bad for you!

16. Horseshit! How did Luigi talk with his body ripped in half?
Well he was struggling to talk, did you see how slowly the talking balloon faded in? I meant that to be a sign that he was real weak and could barely tell Mario that Wart had killed him. By the way it was Rob Foor of Razoric's idea to have Luigi go out like that so bitch at him!

17. Who's castle is that! I've never seen it in a Mario game!
Well I painstakenly made it from Various mario 2 allstars graphics. As for who's castle it is.. Well let's see..Wart killed Luigi....Um and there's that statue of Wart as Mario flies up. I'd have to say it's Rick Jame's Castle....bitch. ;)

18. Mario couldn't have went to Subcon (wart's land) because Super Mario 2 was all a dream! And that door leads to sub space where you get mushroom and coins in Mario 2, not to Subcon. (picture a comic geek slobbering and spitting out these words)
Well I just had to bend the rules a little now didn't I. And those doors aren't just for Sub-space. (thanks to MariosD00m) Also, why are there bomb-ombs in Super Mario 3, and Shyguys in Yoshi's Island? I also recall some Ninji's in Super Mario World....(thanks to
Joseph David Collins)

19. So... if Mario died was Luigi's dream, and Luigi dies in part 3. What's going to happen to the brothers for the future? They will no longer be called brothers. That is... That in reality that Luigi dies......
Simple the games will now be called Super Mario Brother. You just take off the "S" 

20. Did Yoshi curse in the hidden easter egg scene!!
Yeh he's a mean little bastard so I had to beep him out. He just can't catch that damn bird!

21. Wow was that Lord of the Rings music in the castle scene?
Yes, read the credits. Also, when Luigi gets killed the music is  from the 1994 movie "The Crow". And when Mario goes Super? I took that off the first Spiderman 2 trailer.

22. Does Mario do a shoryuken from Street Fighter 2? Where'd you get the animation for that?
Actually it's called a Yyyyyyyippppeeeey-ken. Sorry bad joke. But yes that's what I was going for, an uppercut where mario does a 360 degree turn as he lands, just like Ryu and Ken.  That 11 frame animation consists of brand new sprites i created just for that punch. In fact about 80% of the sprites in the movie were created by me by editing existing sprites in Photoshop. Some other custom animations are: Mario Running, the Flying Yoshi, Mario flying from different perspectives, and of course his dance moves. (with some help from Paul Ter Voorde)

23. The story sucks! The movie sucks!
That my friend, is why I am not a rich person working in Hollywood. It's funny how people always expect you to top yourself each time. But as they say on Baywatch, "You can't save 'em all Hasselhoff!"
As for the intelligent individuals who elaborate with emails, comments, and reviews such "crap" or "omg this is gay" I urge you all to check their profile on NG. Surprise! They have not a flash movie to their name!

24. Why the opening text about the dream?
I was sick of people asking me what just happened...how is Mario alive? Things like that. So I wanted to clear the story up for the feeble minded. Yet, even WITH the opening text I'm still getting emails from people who have no idea what the hell is going on

25.Will you be submitting an NG Alpha or show previews of ROTMK 4 like you did with ROTMK 1, 2, and 3?
Sorry but no. Well, at least not until the final week of production of ROTMK 4. Reason being is because I don't want anyone copying my ideas then rushing out a crappy movie using them. This happened with ROTMK 3, with movies being submitted to NG copying the exact same opening sequence of the movie. It doesn't bother me as much now though, I've come to realize imitation really is the best form of flattery. Check below for the only screenshots you will see of ROTMK 4 until the movie is released!

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