Alot of you have missed some cool parts I added to the movie. I'm posting this because if you missed these little tid bits the first time, you'll watch it again and see if you can catch them. Also some plot elements cleared up!

WART KILLED MARIO! I was gonna do either him or Donkey Kong, but there are no DK 16 bit graphics...DKC graphics are CG rendered and wouldnt look right. Yup, that's the number one surprise. As mentioned in Part 1, the Koopas have been peaceful. Bowser and his boys just got murdered for nothing! (Notice not one enemy from Super Mario 2 is in the movie until the very end...but there are a few weapons from SMB2)

Will there be a part 3? Yes! Right here!

Not one background in the movie is from the games. I created them all from scratch from Super Mario World, All games in Super Mario Allstars (SMB 1-3), and Yoshi's Island. Other games used were Ghouls and Ghosts Genesis (tombstones, dead tree)and Kirby Superstar (yoshi nest).

Alot of the elements I learned from Kid Niki I used in this. I will release Kid Niki next week though.

The scene select is an tribute to the Mario 64 select file screen. The music and hand cursor are examples of this.

The hand cursor is from the Yoshi's Island level selection screen.

The end is secretly given away when Bowser and Ludwig are curious as to why the MK is attacking. Note the "?" marks.

I put play, stop, and frame by frame forward and rewind buttons in the top left corner of the movie in case there's a particular scene you would like to analyze. Aren't I nice?

The movie is available for download! If it runs slow or if you have playback problem, hell if you just want the movie to play anytime get them here!
www.videogamedc.com/rotmk2.exe (PC)
www.videogamedc.com/rotmk2.hqx (MAC)
Aren't I nice catering to you "Crapintosh" users hee hee!

The skull when Bowser talks (which means attack!) is from a Stalfo's Knight's head in Zelda 3.

MC koopa is headllining at Klub Koopa.

Luigi realizes he put on the wrong suit in the closet, it was dark and he didnt know he put on the gay frog suit, which you can tell by his expression.

The Tanookie suit was a power up in SMB 3, if you held down and the B button you could turn into a statue and enemies wouldn't know it was you. Luigi uses this technique to sneak by a koopa who is getting jiggy wit it.

The music in Klub Koopa is from the Rock Solid level on Conker's Bad Day, one of my fav games.

Podoboos (fireballs) are bouncing out of the lava. They were first seen in SMB 1 dungeons. (thanks to Eric Roman for refreshing my memory on their names)

The Yoshi spitting seeds is really a gameplay move in Yoshi's Island when you eat a watermelon. He only fires straight though.

When Yoshi hits the Koopas with the seeds he gets a 1-Up, this really happens in all Mario games with Koopas. You have to use a Koopa shell to hit a certain number of enemies in a row to build your points up and get the 1-Up.

The Mushroom retainer ducks the boomerang causing Yoshi to die horribly.

Listen as the Mushroom retainer screams as he is blown away by the Bomb-omb. The scream is from Mario Kart 64.

The Goombas aim the Pirahna plant wrong hitting the two koopas, this results in the 2 Mushroom retainers getting the upper hand in defeating the turtles. Realizing their mistake the Goomba bolt out there, and the Pirahna plant takes off too.

When the Mushroom retainer throws the Koopa in the lava, watch as he burns up (see the steam?) and his skeleten pops up. (Actually "Dry Bones" the koopa from Super Mario World, who first appeared in SMB3)

Halloween is my 2nd fav holiday, which is why the cemetery scene is there. I'm a fan of holiday levels in games.

Pause the movie as the tombstones in the Koopa Cemetery go by. You will see the names of Robby Foor, Tom Fulp, and Ben Spurgin (of stick killer fame). All 3 helped me out as I was starting this web and flash stuff and I will forever owe them!

The Jack-O-Laterns are a modified version of the rare pumpkin in Super Mario 2. They were a throwing item like the Turnips.

The bats flying by are a modified version of the bats in SMW.

If you look carefully you can see the ghost house from SMW in the background.

I took extra time to make the leaves fall here to make it feel very "fall-halloweeny" like.

The sign says "Beware" if you zoom in on it you can see it good.

See the little blades of grass in front of the tombstones? (sorry i took the time to add little touches like that, so I wanted to mention them!)

Why does Luigi go throught the wall? This is a tribute to the minus world trick in Super Mario Bros. 1. It's a glitch that takes you to a never ending water level. Learn how to do this an many other Super Mario 1 tricks here: http://www.classicgaming.com/tmk/smb_bugs.shtml

The Bowser "breath in sound" is from Mario 64 when bowser is about to spit fire.

Kamek from Yoshi's Island drops the magic on Bowser causing him to grow. This idea was taken from Yoshi's island where Kamek does this to regular enemies to make them big bosses.

Big Bowsers scream is so powerful it makes Luigi fly backwards and causes his hat to ruffle (another little detail i have to mention)

People have been complaining because Luigi cheated with the Star. Well Bowser cheated with the Kamek magic right????

I originally did the matrix effect in Kid Niki, you'll see that when i release it next week. (Pause the movie as luigi is about to kick bowser to see the cool trail effect he makes)

Luigi beats Bowser the same way Mario beat him in Mario 64. By swinging him around by the tail and throwing him. (which took all night to animate by the way (Conker beats the last boss in Conker's bad fur day by doing this too)

The sprite of bowser's view from the back does not exist in any Mario game. I had to make it.

The final facial cloud has a smirk of revenge on this face. He is seen as Bowser is being thrown towards the moon.

Watch as the comet flies by as Luigi does his victory pose high atop the Koopa Tower.

There are no dead Mushroom Retainer (Toads) or Yoshi body's lying around after the battle during the victory dance due to the fact the Mushroom Retainers take care in cleaning up their dead and wounded (you can see them carrying away the bodies at the end of the battle scene) whereas the Koopas could care less about their wounded army. (like stormtroopers koopas are expendable.)

Did you catch the baby yoshi's hissing at Bowser before they brutally murder him? (I'm getting emails saying Luigi was too easy on Bowser. WTF? He threw Bowser to the Yoshi Nest on purpose knowing what they would do to him!)

Bowser pisses himself just like in SUPER DUPER MARIO http://www.videogamedc.com/Pixeled_Parodies/Super_Duper_Mario/super_duper_mario.html

Listen carefully, Bowser's painful screams stop the instant his head is ripped off.

As I mentioned above, Halloween and Xmas are my 2 fav holidays, and I always wondered what a Mario Xmas themed level would look like. This was my chance to do it! I love when games include these themed levels (Banjo Kazooie has both, while Conker has a Halloween-like zombie level)

Notice the Mushroom retainers "gained" some items from the battle to give their kids for fun in the snow! Koopa shell sleds! (see the snow kicking up from the yoshi pulled sled, sorry another small detail!)

I painstakenly recreated the Autumn funeral scene from Part 1 to a winter wonderland in part 2. (not really it was easy)

People have been bitching that Princess Toadstool isn't with Luigi as he visits Mario's grave. Geez the guy just wanted a moment alone with his bro OK!!!!!?????

Mario's tombstone reads "Super Mario-Brother, Friend, HERO".....sniff...sniff.

When it says The End a question mark pops up. Kids have been emailing me with no idea what this means.... wow...smart America huh?


My fingers now hurt from typing all this, did you read it all?